The more things change . . .

We at the GayWay (and that is the preferred shorthand) love Liberty Frozen Custard (but I'm not including a link until they get their website under control; it's a mess) just as much as we did when we were young and dumb and Going40. However.

We do not love it on a Friday night as a toddler birthday party is coming to an overstimulated, tantrum-inducing end. I'm afraid this brings us to GayWay Gentle Admonition Eins. To all Permissive Mothers of the Modern Era (this excludes all mothers I know personally, as they are perfect in every way): Use some common sense. What did you expect to have happen at 8:00pm as you handed yet more candy to three-year-olds? Your children are not the only ones in the restaurant/theater/park/public place. And no, you don't get a free pass for bad behavior just because you chose to procreate. And as long as we're on the subject, you know that haircut that 93 percent of you have? The one that's kind of short, kind of flippy, kind of shaggy, kind of asymmetrical, and was cute for about ten minutes in 2005? We're done with that now, and can move on. If you need a new idea, I will find out who cuts the hair of MK and SM of Longfellow 'hood, because they are currently the two most stylish mothers I know.

Huh. And here I was worried that if I started a new blog I wouldn't have anything to say.


  1. othankgodyou'reback. And that you agree with me on this whole ginormous birthday party for kids who aren't old enough to remember it in another month business.

  2. Oh I love a good rant! I try to avoid them myself as sometimes mine tend to scare even me, but I love reading them. Well put, favorite blogger. Again so glad you're back.

  3. Welcome back. Now I can just slide GayWay into that empty space that once was Going 40. Life is good - it's all about the friends.

  4. Fuck. Is that the haircut I just got? I KNEW I should have consulted a gay before getting sheared. OTOH, I would never in a gajillion years host a preschooler party in the EVENING. Who does that? That's just giving a bad name to breeders everywhere!

  5. Such delicious snark... I remember when I was still full of piss and vinegar. Now, the vinegar is pretty much all gone.

    I'll pay you $50 a post to start writing my blog for me.

  6. Not a mother, but in need of good gay hair advice.
    Most recently, chopped hair a bit shorter, into a classic China doll bob.
    Was told by usually-quite-hip sister (mother of three) that it's "too 1980's".
    If Anna Wintour calls it a classic, isn't it?
    And if Katie Holmes can pull it off, I figure it'll work for me. Forever.
    Extra info: said sister does, indeed, sport a "short, kind of flippy, kind of shaggy, kind of asymmetrical" hairstyle.
    Ann (who can't figure out the new comment blocker system)

  7. Scott,
    You are going to be so excited about our new website! Check it out. It should be up and running by September 12th.

    Liberty Frozen Custard


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