Dear GayWay #3

Do you offer comments on other blogs? Well, of course you do.

What do you think of the repurposing (trendy, new word at my place of work) of the French tablecloths as described in the August 5 entry to the Mason-Dixon knitting blog.


Ruut de Bier

Dear It's Still Just Pop:

Again with the lack of salutation. Did you people fall out of the cradle of civilization and hit your heads?

Ms. Bier's letter illustrates a major problem for the GayWay: the need to, and complete lack of interest in, doing research for this blog. This Mason/Dixon civil war blog being a site in which I have little interest, I had to Google it, then find the relevant post, THEN judge it. I seriously could have made a gin and tonic in that time. The rest of you can avoid making a similar error by including a link in your emails to me. You can also send me pictures, attachments, and objets to doingitthegayway@gmail.com.

On to the heart of the matter. If I'm reading this right, lady buys tablecloth, lady has no need of tablecloth, lady cuts up tablecloth, lady remembers she can't sew. Good idea? I should confess that at one point I also had an obsession with table linens from days of yore. I would see them at tag sales, covet their clever graphic appeal, buy a few, and then realize that tables in France in the 1950s were evidently very different sizes and shapes than what we find now in modern America. So they would sit in a sachet-lined linen drawer, doing no one any good. At some point I got rid of them, because I didn't have the guts to cut them up and repurpose [I shudder at that word, bytheby.] them into quilts, gauchos, or manpurses.

So if you're asking permission, Ms. The Root of All Evil Is Beer, I say cut up every charming piece of fabric you have, and by all means, make me a quilt. I am grateful in advance.

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