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The University of Minnesota Medical Center may have a sterling reputation for patient care and innovation, but we have a serious problem with wallpaper, paint colors, and artwork. And this is one of the nicer hospitals I've been in. As appropriate, I will add surreptitious iPhone examples as I wander these mauvey-beige halls in the coming days. Because I Care.


  1. Perhaps they are using the decor as a subtle means of encouraging self-healing. The faster patients get better, the sooner they can escape the hotel lobby art.

  2. I think it is a subtle means of brainwashing. The walls/paper/decor are sponsored by our neighborhood local Menards to hammer unsuspecting and weakened patients into beige-tolerance and subsequent withdrawal. Just wait, Scott, till Eric gets home.

  3. Reasons to live in the Cities:
    Availability of cheese that isn't orange, Eric's homemade bread, that custard place you seem to like, people watching around Lake Calhoun on a lovely day, The Guthrie, and cool backgrounds for digital pictures of one's new red bicycle.

    Reasons to live in Montevideo:
    Brand new hospital (2009), decorated exclusively with local schoolkids' and local artists' work (my favorite is work by my former student, west-central Minnesota’s premier rockin’ cowgirl accordionist, Easy Bean farm owner and mother to Mabel and Arlo, Malena Handeen).

  4. Sad to say that mauvey-beige is an improvement over years past. I remember, back in the day, the frequently used pastel color that we called "anesthesia green."


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