Look at me, I'm a techie!

That is so not a GayWay thing to say. BUT. I made a form! And I did it all for you. Asking a question of the GayWay is now as easy as typing your question in the box provided (look, over there, on the right), and hitting Submit. No emails, no compromised confidentiality. I am a giver. You're welcome.

P.S. I'm not so much of a techie that I know how to make the form look anything like it matches my blog. I simply used a form generator in Google Docs, and it dumps the responses into a spreadsheet. If anyone knows a more elegant, gayer way, please volunteer your talents.

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  1. Scott, I can help you style your form so it looks like part of your lovely blog, if you're still looking for volunteers. Just send me the code google docs generated for you to include.


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