To begin the week

1. Please don't display candles where you wouldn't burn candles.
2. Avoid placing bowls of fruit in a room where you wouldn't eat fruit.
3. And no little piles of potpourri anywhere. It's not 1988, NO one likes the smell, whatever you have setting there is dusty, and Holly Hobby is dead. Seriously, go empty the bowl into the trash. Right now. I'll be here. . . . There doesn't that seem better? Your tabletop can breathe, and so can the inhabitants of your home.


  1. Check.



    signed, Doing Everything Better

  2. 1 80%
    2 100%
    3 100%
    Final score for Ann: 93.3% (Yeah!)
    Annoying marginal note to the teacher: Is there a special dispensation on the candle rule during advent? Please?

  3. 1) OK, but only because I burn candles anywhere. I once burned a hole through the top of an endtable because I hadn't adequately thought through the consequences of the heat from the candle on the bottom shelf of that table.

    2) How firm a distinction do you draw between "display" and "store"? Because I often "store" my fruit in a basket in my useless little kitchen pantry nook, but I "store" it there because I think I think it looks pretty in that spot, and I almost never eat frut there, because first I usually have to take it into the main kitchen to wash it. And to sit in a chair while I eat--there are no chairs in my useless little kitchen pantry nook. Is it still okay to store/display my fruit there?

    3) OK. In case you're wondering, "potpourri" means "rotten pot" (or perhaps "pot of rot") in French, so I'm pretty sure the whole trend was a funny practical joke the French played on dumb American tourists to begin with, anyway.

  4. At my age, I can't smell the potpourri anyway, so why would I bother. In a household of one, a lot of fruit on hand is not a good idea - can't eat it fast enough. Hard enough to get through a package of strawberries before they mold. Candles - for me? You've got to be kidding. Actually, I have them on the shelf behind my jetted tub for those special times of relaxation. Can't smell them either.

  5. Holly Hobby may be dead, but her great-granddaughter (als called Holly)is alive and well, and has put out several videos in the last few years, thanks to American Greetings.


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