Tangy tomato condiment

Why am I not calling the finished product ketchup? Mainly because it's much better: vinegary, sharp, intensely tomatoey, with a bit of a kick. It's not bright red, because no food dye is involved, and because I used a mix of red, orange, yellow, and white tomatoes. And it's not sweet because high fructose corn syrup is not present. This experiment totally makes me want to dig out my mother's homemade mustard recipe and make the world's best burger.

P.S. You want food photography? Go read A Crafty Lass (and keep in mind that she keeps Eric M chained to her desk, taking photographs ad nauseum until he cries like a baby).


  1. I do love a good home-made condiment.
    My hub doesn't enjoy (to say the least) the aroma of heated vinegar, so I don't get too much of this at home, it looks very tasty.

  2. It takes more than chains to make me cry!

  3. I'm fascinated by the life cycle of ketchup shown here.

    Is this evolution, or evidence of the hand of an Intelligent Designer?

    Think before you answer.

    signed -

    Darwin's Evolutionary Bounty?

  4. Those tomatoes must be so proud to realize their full potential once blessed from the touch of his eminence, the GayWay.

    I bet they look back at those still sitting in their just picked from the vine state with great disdain ... or maybe pity, knowing what they may never have.


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